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It’s always the same. You want to enjoy the local cuisine but it’s just too big of a risk. You end up eating GF rice noodles with canned sauce while everyone else gets to eat crab cakes and shrimp burgers. Well, it’s time to change all that.

Everything you see on this site can be gluten-free. Everything.

Chef Laura has worked to unlock the secrets of ingredients like tapioca flour and guar gum. She knows the lamentations that result from biting into a piece of bread that tasted like chalk filled hamster bedding (that you paid $22 bucks for). This was part of a special five year project for Chef Laura, and the results are irresistibly mouth-watering.


Other allergies and sensitivities are no reason to feel left out. If an allergy is keeping you from enjoying meals with your family or friends, give us a call. Chef Laura will discuss your specific diet requirements and make sure you get to sit back and enjoy your meal.

Relax, no worries!

When you’re this close to the ocean, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice. If you’re coming to the Crystal Coast on vacation, make Chef Laura a part of your plans. If you’re a local, send your taste buds on vacation anyway with a private family dinner or a week’s worth of meals.

Roquefort Popovers

Crispy little cheese-filled bread bites.

I’m new to gluten-free, can you help me?

Sure, I offer a special service called: Gluten-Free Cooking – an introduction. Perfect for anyone newly diagnosed with celiac, or anyone who wants to know more about eating gluten-free.

Can I indulge on vacation and feel safe?

Absolutely, when your chef is also gluten-free, you know you’re in good hands. After all, as a private chef, Laura will bring all the cooking supplies with her. From the ingredients to the pots and pans to the whisk she’ll use to make the créme anglaise to fill your GF cream puff.

How will these delicious looking dishes taste to my non-gluten/non allergy free family or friends?

They’re terrific. Not all alternative ingredients are bad. There are a million flour and ingredient options out there and Laura knows what combinations work best. We think you’ll be enjoying some of the best food you’ve ever had, gluten-free or not. Even better, you won’t have to do the cooking or the dishes.

It’s been ages since I’ve had a good _____________, can you help?

If there’s something you’ve been craving since going GF, Laura will make every effort to incorporate a GF version into your menu. In fact, her first experience as a gluten-free chef was developing GF versions of her friends’ traditional Holiday cookies.

I have an unusual (or additional) allergy or sensitivity, can you still help?

Whether you are vegetarian, casein-free, or don’t eat anything but meat – I can build a menu to meet your particular needs.

Are your gluten free chocolate éclairs really that good?

Oh yes. They certainly are.


The Chocolate Eclair

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  1. sandi burks says:

    I am so glad to find your web site. My daughter has been GF for 6 months. I live in Harkers Island…..she lives in Wilson.
    Plese give me information on your pricing. My daugther is here thur Sunday…..she is dying to try anything!! We wish we would have found you sooner to have a meal for her for the weekend.
    We look forward to hearing from you.

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